EuroPython 2017

October 1, 2017

A little summary of the apes' invasion in Rimini, for the amazing EuroPython conference. Including slides, videos of the talk, general thoughts, sprint sessions and thanks to all the amazing people that were there.

I was very happy to be able to present Bonobo ETL in Rimini last summer.

You can watch the talk on youtube, and don't forget to share it with your friends (at least, the crazy ones who wrangle data before breakfast).

My slides are also available on slideshare.

I'd really like to thank all people who gave me feedback, thoughts, ideas, pointers, which is really something you need when starting this kind of open source project.

Last bu not least, I'd like to thank the participants of the sprint, despite the fact that sun an beach must have been a really tempting escape for this week end. So thank you @Parthiv20, @alekzvik, @alexmach77, @vit-, @carloca and @faic, you're the stars here!

Now, I have this huge list of things and ideas for Bonobo, and I need to get back to work!

See you next year Europython and Europythonistas!

(P.S. Special heads up for the EP CoC team, who, quoting Marc André Lemburg, «did not have a lot of work, this year, I guess», but that «not a lot of work» being the result of the last 15 years of work, I was especially happy to hear that. It's one thing amongst others that makes me so proud of being a part of the Python community. It is an open one, and being open mostly means creating spaces where people are safe and respected, whoever they are.)