Bonobo v.0.3.1

June 5, 2017

Minor maintenance release for the 0.3 branch. Also, docker extension got a big bump forward and there is now a simple process to build the images.

Install or upgrade

As always, the easiest option for installation or upgrade of Bonobo is through PyPI, using "pip install -U bonobo".

More installation options are available in the documentation.


This is a weekly maintenance release, and it contains no new features.

- Updated project management model to edgy.project 0.3 format.

- Updated frozen version numbers in requirements.

  • certifi==2017.4.17
  • chardet==3.0.3
  • coverage==4.4.1
  • idna==2.5
  • nbconvert==5.2.1
  • pbr==3.0.1
  • pytest-cov==2.5.1
  • pytest==3.1.0
  • requests==2.16.5
  • sphinx==1.6.1
  • sphinxcontrib-websupport==1.0.1
  • testpath==0.3.1
  • typing==3.6.1
  • urllib3==1.21.1

Note: this does not change anything when used as a dependency if you freeze your requirements, as the requirement specifiers did not change.

Bonobo with Docker

The docker images have been updated with the new version, and bonobo's docker extension codebase got a big bump forward, and will move to "alpha" stability with the upcoming release of bonobo 0.4. To simplify the release management process, it will be merged in a subtree of the main repository, and follow the same minor versions as bonobo (even if patch level can vary, if one software gets more bugfix releases than the other).


If you encounter any problem with the upgrade, please open an issue on the tracker so we can learn from mistakes.