Bonobo in action ...

How to inspect and visualize your graph

Bonobo command line interface contains a graphviz code generator that can be used to visualize any graph you wrote (this is available since 0.5).

I will assume you already wrote a transformation graph in a file called, that is valid (you can run it, using bonobo run).

Use bonobo inspect to generate graphviz code

Graphviz use a graph description language called “dot”, that it can use to generate various image formats. If you do not have graphviz installed, download and install it now.

Now, let's use bonobo inspect to generate a graph source file.

$ bonobo inspect --graph >

You should not see any output, but you now have a graphviz source file that you can use to generate pictures of your graph.

$ dot -o transform.png -T png

You now have a transform.png file to understand what you're working with, or eventually document your transformations.

You can also do it using a one liner.

$ bonobo inspect --graph | dot -o transform.png -T png

Happy graph visualisation, inspector!

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